Indigenous Centre Flyers

Objective: To create flyers for 3 Indigenous Centre Events taking place throughout the year.

The events:

  1. Teaching Circle
  2. Smudging
  3. Lunch Sessions

Initial Approach:

My initial approach was to identify a respectful symbol for each event. After consulting with Cat (The Indigenous Advisor) the eagle feather was a good representation of “Teaching Circle” as it symbolizes honor and trust. For smudging, the symbols were leaves and a toned-down color scheme to represent the sage, lemongrass, and earthy tones. For lunch & learn, I had to spend a lot longer on how to approach this so it was back to the drawing board.

Feedback: The “Teaching Circle” flyer was met with great comments. The university asked for branding similar to that flyer. That meant a picture in the top right corner and informational text around it for all yers.

Multiple Drafts

Second Draft:

Third Draft:

The symbols to represent each events were finalized.

Final Draft

The final versions have a consistent branding with their own symbols and colors to represent the importance of each event.

Key Learning: My takeaway from this project was branding is very important. I didn’t realize it prior to this but, I associate posters I see with similar branding to particular events/brands/companies. Ensuring consistency was met throughout these posters meant students would be able to identify these events are associated with the Indigenous Centre.