Anti-O Flyers

Objective: To create programming Flyers for “Anti-O Convos”

Context: Anti-O stands for “Anti-Oppressive Conversations” that will take place 3 times throughout the fall semester. I was tasked to create a flyer for each of those events.

Initial Approach:

My initial approach was to create a main flyer to showcase all upcoming events for Anti-O and 1 individual flyer for each of the dates.

Feedback: The notebook approach and consistent branding of each flyer received good comments however people felt the sticky notes were not well representative of the conversations aspect of the event.

Main Flyer

Second Draft:

The biggest change here is the background color to make the poster pop. I used a orangeish-red color to capture attention and make the poster accessible. The old flyers had the sticky notes colors without much contrast which did not meet the AODA guidelines. I changed the sticky notes to conversation bubbles to indicate the “conversations” aspect of these events and changed the color to white to have contrast against the background.

Unfortunately, because of trademark reasons, I was unable to keep Kermit the frog but I did find this cartoon character on Google Images (all credit is given to the author of the drawing, I did not draw it) to supplement the casual environment of the conversations. I struggled with finding a good placement for the location and timing information. On top of that, I also had to incorporate the logos of the stakeholder involved in this event. I played around with that…

These iterations looks messy as there is a lot of information and no one place where the eye is attracted to.

Final Draft:

Includes logos and location/date/time information

Individual Flyers

The final flyers for each event are still in progress. Below is the final iteration of the first event. My approach for this was to keep the branding the same as the main flyer. That includes ensuring it is accessible, has a bright color with a conversation bubble.

Key Learning: My biggest takeaway from the creation of these posters was approaching accessibility first and foremost! While my initial drafts were “pretty”, the color schemes was very similar with minimal contrast. This led me to familiarize myself with AODA guidelines and explore resources such as:

  • ColorSafe:

Using ColorSafe I was able to ensure the contrast met AA standards.