Summer 2017

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You know summer is finally over when Starbucks starts advertising Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and everyone has dug out their cozy blanket scarves. Or perhaps its the indication the leaves have started changing color.

Although I’m glad summer has come to an end and I can begin looking forward to some new endeavors in the Fall, I’m feeling nostalgic. As such, I wanted to write about my experience this summer and reflect on my journeys. Summer 2017 was an incredible 4 months for me, I got out of my comfort zone a lot, did some soul searching and was very adventurous.

It started on April 28th. My last day as a work-study student at the university. I spent the following week relaxing at home. Relaxing mostly involved

The reason I want to reflect on it and hopefully take away some notes for myself is because Fall will be about the same in terms of adventure and this time I want to take everything to a whole new level.

Purnima Mehta

Purnima Mehta

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